Let's walk through an example retrospective with RetroBox

/retrofacilitate Mad, Sad, Glad - Start the Retro session in your team channel (note the commas between feedback types).


You may want to use emojis in your retro style to be more expressive!

/retrofeedback - Talk about things that went well. It is important to reinforce these things.

Alternatively use the corresponding Shortcut:

retrofeedback shortcut

which will open:

retrofeedback glad

Note your feedback is private to you, other people cannot see them. This is to eliminate anchoring bias.

/retrofeedback - Register things that didn't go so well too

retrofeedback sad

/retrostatus - See who's facilitating, the retro style and how many feedback items have been submitted


/retroendfeedback - Publish anonymous feedback


It's not shown here but RetroBox will attempt to cluster similar items.

If the facilitator can't make it, one can take over the retro by running /retroendfeedback takeover

/retrostartvoting and /retrovote - Start voting on which feedback to talk about


Note your vote is private to eliminate anchoring, and anonymous to make you feel comfortable

/retroendvoting - End the voting phase and show the results.


Discuss and take actions!


How you keep track of action items depends on the process you follow e.g. Agile Kanban or Scrum.