Privacy and support

Email us at or drop us a message on Mastodon. We aim to respond within 15 minutes.

Do you have feedback for RetroBox? Or a good idea that you think will improve RetroBox? Thank you very much in advance, you can use /retrocontact within Slack to submit your feedback.

As a team we're big fans of the GDPR regulations and data ownership, so if you have any queries or concerns please let us know. Our appllication collects only the data that it needs to function, here is an exhaustive list:

What happens to your data in RetroBox?

RetroBox does not need your feedback data to operate as a product, after you finish your retrospective. So we replace all retro feedback text with **** after your retro ends. This is effectively deleting your data, but we do want to know how many feedback items we have received as a product and what time, hence the ****.

You finish your retrospective in two ways: