Free plan

Paid plan

£15 (roughly $20)/ month

  • Unlimited number of sessions for your organisation (workspace). Use RetroBox without any restrictions.
  • This plan covers any new features we might develop. If you have a problem you wish RetroBox addressed, we will make it happen (if the idea fits the product). Please let us know using /retrocontact or just email us at
  • We will give more weight to your change requests when we are prioritising the next things to do. Just email us.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime.

How to pay

RetroBox will show you how to pay within Slack when you start using it. If you are not a direct user of RetroBox and would just like to pay for the subscription, just run /retrofacilitate test anywhere in your Slack workspace (please type it in, and don't copy & paste) and RetroBox will show you the button that takes you to the payment screen. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Our payments are handled by Stripe, a best-in-class payments service.

We support the following payment methods:

I would like to host it myself in my own infrastructure

Please get in touch: