RetroBox - the AI-powered app for Slack for bias-free and focused team retrospectives

RetroBox is an app for Slack that helps you facilitate team retrospectives in the best way possible. Powered with generative AI, it provides you with insights into the challenges your team and wider organisation are facing, and the strenghts you want to reinforce.

New to retrospectives and wondering why do retrospectives in the first place? Please read our blog posts.

Add to Slack

Quick intro:

  • No sign up required. Just install the app in your Slack workspace and let everyone use it immediately
  • All on Slack: no jumping between Slack UI - Web UI
  • Privacy, we are GDPR-compliant by design: We store only the data needed for operating as an app, and we delete it as soon as you finish your retrospective
  • Avoid biases: recency bias, anchoring, anonymous feedback
  • Voting on which feedback items to talk about
  • Continuous feedback culture by putting retrospective sessions on repeat
  • Trusted by over 150 small and large companies around the world
  • Webhooks support so you can build applications on top of the retrospective data your webhook receives. API documentation here
  • Run it in your own infra: subject to contract. We can provide you with a RetroBox binary that you can run in your own infra so you can manage the database and the service yourself. Please get in touch on if you are interested.
  • Test-drive it in our public workspace before installing it in your workspace. Just create a channel and run /retrofacilitate
  • ChatGPT (if enabled) can summarize the main points of your retrospectives within your team, and provide insights into cross-team themes or issues. Note however this feature can generate inaccurate responses. Read more about this here

What people say about RetroBox

Chris Samiullah Founder @
"RetroBox is quite simply the best way to run a retro - removes bias, super easy to use and the team loved it"

Bobby Chucas Product Manager @ Zoopla
"RetroBox has been amazing for surfacing priorities and driving interesting conversations. It's made our retros much more efficient, particularly with a remote team, and the fact it's within Slack makes it easy for new team members to understand"

Jakub Borys Engineering Manager @ Babylon Health
"Our tribe likes to use RetroBox for our bi-weekly sessions. It keeps everyone engaged and allows us to keep an eye on our biggest challenges"

Alex Georgio Data Scientist @ Skyscanner
"I have always personally found using existing tools like Trello, Miro, even good old post-its more clunky than it needs to be for retros. RetroBox is a seamless way for the team to run a retro and we use it for all of our retros now, it is great how easy it is to keep a record of everything on the slack channel. Being able to add feedback at any point so easily really helps to remove recency bias from our retros"

Dan Chowdhury Engineering Manager @ Sainsbury's Tech
"Retrobox has eliminated recency bias in our retros and our engineers are more engaged and honest than ever. My retros are finally surfacing real pain points that we can correct"