RetroBox - a Slack app for bias-free and focused agile retrospectives

Many teams don't do agile retrospectives right. RetroBox helps you facilitate retrospectives in the best way possible, without ever leaving your Slack screen.

New to retrospectives and wondering why do retrospectives in the first place? Please read our blog posts.

Add to Slack
  • No sign up required. Just install the app in your Slack workspace and let everyone use it immediately
  • All on Slack: no jumping between Slack UI - Web UI
  • Remote friendly
  • Privacy, we are GDPR-compliant by design: We store only the data needed for operating as an app, and we delete it as soon as you finish your retrospective
  • Avoid biases: recency bias, anchoring, anonymous feedback
  • Custom style retrospectives in addition to the classics like 4Ls, Mad/Sad/Glad
  • Voting on which feedback items to talk about
  • Continuous feedback culture by putting retrospective sessions on repeat
  • Trusted by over 100 small and large companies around the world
  • Agile and nifty team looking after you: We improve the product based on user feedback rather quickly
  • Webhooks support so you can build applications on top of the retrospective data your webhook receives. API documentation here
Quick intro: